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Dropbox vs. Box: What's The Right Choice for the Enterprise?

Dropbox vs. Box: What's The Right Choice for the Enterprise?

If you're looking for a fully-featured cloud storage service, Box and Dropbox offer usability your end users want along with enterprise security features admins need. The question is, which is the better option for your business?

The cloud is getting crowded. There's SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, StaaS, and more. In each of these arenas, there's no shortage of companies vying for enterprises' affections -- not to mention big, fat contracts. Who wouldn't want a slice of that pie?

Dropbox and Box are a couple of examples of cloud storage providers that both have free plans for desktop users; but satisfying the needs of businesses is a whole different ballgame than providing average Joes and Janes with a few gigabytes of online storage. Each of these companies can claim billion-dollar valuations, but that doesn't mean much if they can't fulfill enterprise demands.

Cloud Storage & Heartbleed

Before we launch into our discussion of Dropbox and Box's enterprise storage options, we feel it's important to bring Heartbleed into the discussion. The OpenSSL bug sent shockwaves across the web, touching almost every corner of the Internet. Dropbox and Box didn't escape unscathed, as both reported their systems were affected by Heartbleed. More on Heartbleed Security Updates

Now, we're not singling out Dropbox and Box for punishment, especially considering all of the web services that were exposed to the Heartbleed flaw. However, Heartbleed underscores a very real truth about your data: It's only as safe as the company you entrust it with. Keep that in mind before you migrate to any cloud storage provider, not just Dropbox or Box.

Choosing Between Box and Dropbox

Under the right circumstances, either of the services should be able to satisfy businesses needs. Dropbox's business offering is the newer of the two, so look for Dropbox for Business to mature as the company gains a better understanding of its enterprise customers. Right now, it's a good choice for SMBs with employees who frequently work in a collaborative environment. Read: Building a Business Case for Cloud Storage

By comparison, Box has been around the block. You'll pay more for the full-fledged enterprise plans, but you should also immediately see the results of Box's decision to focus on building a cloud storage solution to serve businesses. Free trials are available from both providers, so you can take either service for a risk-free test drive.

On the following pages we dive deeper into both Box and Dropbox, looking at security features, integration capabilities, administration and costs.