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EDB Takes Postgres Up A Notch For The Enterprise

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EnterpriseDB (EDB) today announced new versions of its flagship database and enterprise-class management console, Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3 and Postgres Enterprise Manager 4.0.  EDB has also announced a new product for enterprise high availability requirements called EDB Failover Manager.

Postgres (also called PostgreSQL) is an open source object relational database management system (ORDBMS).  EnterpriseDB provides enterprise level professional services, training, and support for organizations who want to deploy or expand open source Postgres within their organizations. 

According to EnterpriseDB, "more than 2,000 enterprises, government agencies and other organizations worldwide use EnterpriseDB products and services to successfully deploy Postgres, reduce their reliance on costly traditional databases and slash database costs by more than 80 percent."

Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3 includes several new features to improve handling of NoSQL-like applications including expanded support for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). It also boasts significant performance improvements in handling large datasets with read (SELECT) tests performing 75 times faster and write (INSERT) showing a 400 percent improvement over Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.2.  EDB has added in materialized views which provide data snapshots that contain the result of a query which significantly speeds up access to records for commonly requested data. 

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EDB has created new Red Hat Package Managers (RPM) to automate the installation and maintenance of Postgres Plus Advanced Server for DBAs, independent software vendors, and systems integrators who embed EDB software into their own applications.  To speed up development and make migration from Oracle easier, EDB has also enhanced built-in package support to allow developers to make calls to the packages directly from the application.

For high availability demands, EDB has included a collection of tools designed to provide fault-tolerant database clusters through cluster monitoring, failure detection, and failover tools to reduce downtime and ensure data remains online if a master database fails.

To manage, monitor, and tune Postgres installs, Postgres Enterprise Manager allows users to more easily manage enterprise databases from a single graphical console.  New features include customizable dashboards, customizable look and feel of the monitoring views, and new monitoring probes and alerts for log files, SQL injection attacks and replication configurations.

Both the Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3 and Enterprise Manager 4.0 are currently available. The EDB Failover Manager is expected to be available on December 9, 2013.