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How to Encrypt Facebook Messenger Chats

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Your Facebook Messenger conversations just got a lot more private. The social network introduced a new feature called Secure Conversations in its chat app, which enables end-to-end encryption.  

This feature matches what's always been available through Signal and WhatsApp, among many other chat apps. Essentially it means that conversations are encrypted from one device to the other so that the text can't be accessed by another other than the sender and receiver. You can also set a timer for messages to self destruct. 

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However, if you enable this feature on your phone you won't be able to continue a conversation on your desktop. The encryption is locked to the device. Secret Conversations does not work for GIFs, videos, video calls or payments. But it does work for messages, pictures and stickers. 

To enable this feature on your account, open Messenger and tap the circle on the top right. Tap Secret Conversations. It will ask you if you want to "Turn on Secret Conversations." When you toggle that on, you can just start chatting, but you'll need to tap the + and the lock icon to encrypt your message. 

You can further secure your chats via Messenger if you click the clock icon and choose how long your messages get to live. When the time runs out (five seconds to one day), the message deletes itself. Or you can manually delete a conversation at any time. Or you can delete all Secret Conversations by tapping on a person > Secret Conversations > Delete Secret Conversations > Delete All.