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Toshiba Adds 4TB Models to MG Series of Enterprise HDDs

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Toshiba Adds 4TB Models to MG Series of Enterprise HDDsToshiba Adds 4TB Models to MG Series of Enterprise HDDs

Toshiba America revealed on Wednesday four new additions to its MG Series of enterprise-focused, large capacity hard drives.

These new 3.5-inch 7,200 RPM drives include two SATA models (MG03ACA400 and MG03ACA400Y) and two SAS models (MG03SCA400 and MG03SCP400) which provide 4 TB of storage, the company's largest capacity to date.

"As businesses work to keep up with the explosion of unstructured data, large capacity HDDs are crucial for IT systems designed to organize and access the growing pools of valuable information," the company said. "The massive capacity of the MG Series is perfectly suited for RAID storage and arrays, tiered virtual infrastructures for public and private cloud deployments, archives, and disk-based backup and data protection solutions."

According to Toshiba's spec sheet, the SATA-based MG03ACA400 doesn't offer encryption, but the MG03ACA400Y features the latest T13 SANITIZE crypto-scramble protocol and the older T13 ATA security erase command protocol. Likewise, the SAS-based MG03SCA400 doesn't offer any encryption, but the MG03SCP400 supports the T10 SANITIZE crypto-erase feature and Trusted Computing Group Enterprise Security Sub-Classification protocols.

"These proven, industry-standard security technologies support 'nearly instantaneous' cryptographic-erase of user data to enable fast and secure device retirement or re-deployment. Using SEDs can eliminate the need for lengthy data overwrite cycles and reduce IT department expenses associated with secure data destruction and device sanitization," Toshiba said.

On a hardware level, these 4 TB drives have similar specs to the 1 TB, 2 TB and 3 TB models already offered including an average latency time of 4.17-ms, an average read seek time of 8.5-ms, and an average write seek time of 9.5-ms. They also have a maximum sustained transfer rate of 165 MB/s whereas the 3 TB, 2 TB and 1 TB models have a 155 MB/s rate.

"Utilizing Toshiba’s latest five-platter mechanical design, the new 4 TB models provide a 100 percent increase in capacity over Toshiba’s prior business-critical models while improving the power-profile and operational efficiency in the industry-standard 3.5-inch form factor," the company said. "The new 4 TB models also deliver an 18 percent increase in sustained transfer rates for both the SATA and SAS interface versions. In addition, the MG Series includes power management features designed to reduce power consumption during off-peak activity periods, helping to reduce operating costs and environmental impact."

Sample shipments of the MG 4 TB series models will start in December, with volume shipments scheduled to begin early next year, Toshiba said.

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