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ITIL Master Certificate – IT Service Management

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By , Mary Kyle

One of our favorite credentials (and of employers as well judging by the job board numbers) is  the ITIL for IT Service Management credentials from Axelos. Axelos is a global provider of standards designed to drive best practices and quality throughout organizations. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) joined the Axelos family in 2013.

Axelos manages ITIL credentialing requirements, ITIL updates, provides accreditation to Examination Institutes (EIs), and licenses organizations seeking to use ITIL. In addition to ITIL certifications, Axelos offers credentials for Prince2, Prince2 Agile, Resilia, MSP, MoP, M_o_R, P30, MoV and P3M3.

ITIL is a set of well-defined and well-respected best practices that specifically target the area of IT service management. There are more than 2,000,000 ITIL-certified practitioners worldwide. ITIL is perhaps the most widely known and globally adopted set of best practices and management tools for IT service management and support.

Axelos maintains a robust ITIL certification portfolio consisting of five ITIL credentials:

  • ITIL Foundation: An entry-level credential that validates general ITIL knowledge, including terminology, concepts, elements, services lifecycle, and ITIL processes
  • ITIL Practitioner: A stepping-stone credential for the more advanced Intermediate credential that tests a candidate's ability to use ITIL principles within their business organization
  • ITIL Intermediate: An industry-recognized qualification with a modular structure; each module focuses on a different aspect of IT service management
  • ITIL Expert: An expert-level credential for candidates who possess broad ITIL knowledge that covers the entire ITIL Scheme
  • ITIL Master: The highest ITIL credential offered by Axelos; targets professionals who recommend and implement ITIL best practices

The ITIL Master credential is the pinnacle ITIL certification and requires experience, dedication and a thorough understanding of ITIL principles, practices, and techniques. To gain the ITIL Master designation, candidates must possess at least five years of experience in the field of IT service management. The experience must have been in managerial, advisory or other leadership roles. In addition, candidates must possess the ITIL Expert certification. Once the prerequisite skills and certification requirements are met, the real certification work begins.

Upon completion of the prerequisites, candidates must register with an approved Examination Institute and submit an application. Next, candidates prepare and submit a proposal for a business improvement to implement within their organization. The proposal submission is followed by a "work package," which documents a real-world project that encompasses multiple ITIL areas.

The work package (1) validates how the candidate applied ITIL principles, practices, and techniques to the project, and; (2) documents the effectiveness of the solution and the ultimate benefit the business received as a result of the ITIL solution. Finally, the candidates must pass an interview with an assessment panel where they defend their solution.

ITIL Master Facts & Figures

Certification NameITIL Master Certificate – IT Service Management
Prerequisites & Required CoursesITIL Expert Certificate

Five years of IT service management experience (experience must be in managerial, leadership or advisory roles)
Number of ExamsNo exam required; candidates must complete the following:
  • Register with an EI
  • Submit application
  • Submit proposal
  • Submit work package
  • Attend interview
Certification FeesVary by Examination Institute
Self-Study MaterialsAxelos provides documentation to guide candidates in the preparation of proposal and work package submissions. Available documentation includes the ITIL Master FAQs document, ITIL Master Proposal Requirements and Scope document, and the ITIL Master Work Package Requirements and Scope document.

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