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Zachman Certified - Enterprise Architect

Best Enterprise Architect Certifications 2018
By , Mary Kyle

Founded in 1990, Zachman International promotes education and research for enterprise architecture and The Zachman Framework. Rather than being a traditional process or methodology, The Zachman Framework is what is more accurately referred to as an "ontology." Ontologies differ from a traditional methodology or process in that, rather than being focused on the process or implementation, they focus on the properties, types and interrelationsips of entitites that exist within a particular domain. The Zachman Framework ontology is focused on the structure, or definition, of the object and the enterprise. Developed by John Zachman, The Zachman Framework is the current standard for enterprise architecture ontology.

Zachman offers currently offers four enterprise architect credentials plus a foundation-level credential:

  • Zachman Educated (eZachman): A foundation-level credential that introduces architects to the Zachman Framework, including "enterprise physics," architectural and enterprise engineer design, management indoctrination, primitive and composite models, and Zachman MetaFrameworks. Completion of an online course is required to earn the designation.

  • Enterprise Architect Associate Certification (Level 1): Candidates must attend a four-day Modeming Workshop plus pass a single exam. The workshop covers key concepts relating to enterprise architecture and The Zachman Framework, case studies, the difference between engineering or primitive models and manufacturing or composite models, and hands-on experience building Framework models. The workshop fee ($3,499) includes the exam and certification fees for Level 1 and Level 2.

  • Enterprise Architect Practitioner Certification (Level 2): Architects must submit case studies of primitive and composite models that address specified management issues; case studies must pass a referee review.

  • Enterprise Architect Professional Certification (Level 3): Candidates must complete a case study demonstrating primitive (architectural) and composite (implementation) models, and complete a referee review. Level 3 credential holders may advertise themselves as "Zachman consultants."

  • Enterprise Architect Educator Certification (Level 4): Designed for educators, the credential prepares candidates to develop and teach The Zachman Framework. To earn the credential, candidates should go through all educational materials related to The Zachman Framework, develop their curriculum and course materials, and present their course materials for review and approvals. While not required, Zachman recommends that Level 4 candidates obtain the Level 3 Professional designation.

Zachman credentials are valid for three years. To maintain the credentials, candidates are required to earn continuing education credits (referred to as EADUs). The total amount of EADUs required varies by CEA certification level.

Zachman Certified - Enterprise Architect Professional Facts & Figures

Certification NameEnterprise Architect Associate Certification (Level 1)
Enterprise Architect Practitioner Certification (Level 2)
Enterprise Architect Professional Certification (Level 3)
Enterprise Architect Educator Certification (Level 4)
Prerequisites & Required CoursesLevel 1 Associate: Four-day Modeling Workshop ($3,499)
Level 2 Practitioner: None
Level 3 Professional: None
Level 4 Educator: Review all materials related to The Zachman Framework; Level 3 Professional recommended
Number of ExamsLevel 1 Associate: One exam
Level 2 Practitioner: No exam; case studies and referee review required
Level 3 Professional: No exam; case studies and referee review required
Level 4 Educator: None; must develop and submit curriculum and course materials for review and validation
Certification FeesLevel 1 Associate: Exam fee included as part of required course
Level 2 Practitioner: None, included as part of Level 1 required course
Level 3 Professional: Not available
Leve 4 Educator: Not available
Self-Study MaterialsLive classroom and distance learning opportunities are available. In addition, Zachman offers webcasts, the Zachman Glossary, the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture and reference articles.