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Best Enterprise Architect Certifications For 2016

Best Enterprise Architect Certifications For 2016

Our list of the best enterprise architect certifications for 2016 will help you get to the pinnacle of the IT certification pyramid, validating your skills and knowledge of IT, enterprise architecture and business needs.

Enterprise IT architect certifications most often appear at the very apex of certification programs, where less than one percent of IT pros ultimately make that climb. Even so, numerous IT architect certifications are available, and it isn't necessary to invest in one particular certification sponsor's vision to make it to such certification heights.

In fact, many IT certifications in our best certification collection fall outside vendor umbrellas, which means they are vendor-neutral or vendor-agnostic in their take on IT. This makes sense considering heterogeneity is the rule for most of the major technology niches at play in data centers and global operations everywhere.

Nevertheless, the number of vendor-specific IT certifications exceeds vendor-neutral ones by a factor of more than two to one. That's why we devote the last section of this article to all such credentials as we encountered them in search of the best enterprise architect certifications.

Certainly, for those IT pros who've invested already in vendor-specific certification programs, the certs at the architect level may indeed be worth pondering and pursuing. Ultimately, the value of any IT certification to an individual depends on how much time he or she spends toiling in that particular part of the IT patch.

Before you peruse the details of our best picks for 2016, take a look at Table 1 for the results of our informal job board survey. The data indicates the number of job posts in which our featured certifications were mentioned on a given day. The data should give you an idea of the relative popularity of each certification.

Table 1: Job Board Search Results

Certified SOA Architect9702631147941221,597
Open CA1521774108135

Now let's take a look at the top five enterprise IT certs for 2016.

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