Best Enterprise Architect Certifications for 2014

Best Enterprise Architect Certifications for 2014

There are more and more IT Architect Certifications available as demand for highly skilled IT professionals who understand IT, enterprise and business architecture grows. Our list of the best enterprise architect certifications for 2014 includes both vendor-neutral and vendor-specific options that will help you get to the pinnacle of the IT certification pyramid.

The longer I look at various IT certification programs, the more I am seeing IT architect certifications. They appear at the very apex of certification programs, where less than one percent of IT pros ultimately make the climb.  What many IT professionals might not know, is that there are a number of vendor-neutral IT architect certifications available. What's more, it isn't necessary to invest in one particular certification sponsor's vision, to make it to such certification heights.

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Best IT Certifications for 2014

In fact, many IT certifications in our best certification collection fall outside vendor umbrellas, in the sense that all of them are vendor-neutral or vendor-agnostic in their take on IT.  If you stop and think for a minute, this makes eminent sense. I'm aware of no large-scale or enterprise class IT operation -- and that's where the bulk of those who pursue and sometimes earn IT architect certifications primarily work -- where homogeneity is the rule for most of the major technology niches at play in data centers and global operations everywhere. 

If you're an IT architect, your job is to take the pieces of the puzzle at hand and put them together into something robust, reliable, flexible, and capable.

Nevertheless, the number of vendor-specific IT certifications exceeds vendor-neutral ones by a factor of better than two to one. That's why I devote the last section of this article to all such credentials as I encountered them in my search of the best enterprise architect certifications.

Certainly, for those IT pros who've invested already in vendor-specific certification programs, the certs at the architect level may indeed be worth pondering and pursuing. Ultimately the value of any IT certification to an individual depends on how much time he or she spends toiling in that particular part of the IT patch.

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