Cortado Releases First Mobile Management Tool For iOS 7

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Enterprise mobility solutions provider, Cortado, announced Tuesday the release of the world's first mobility solution for iOS 7. 

Not typically known for their inclination to meet enterprise mobility and security needs, the latest version of Apple's iOS 7 does contain a few features to help businesses manage which applications and user accounts could be used to open documents and attachments. It also includes app store license management, and a VPN feature to configure certain applications to automatically connect to a VPN when the application is launched. You can view a few short videos on Cortado's site to get an idea of some of iOS 7 business features.

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Cortado is an on-premise Mobile Application Management/Mobile Device Management (MAM/MDM) solution provider. Their product runs on Windows Server and already has Active Directory integration, so policies can be set and removed automatically for employees. Cortado's product currently provides support for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Samsung Android, as well as  PCs and Macs. 

Cortado's implementation of MAM works to avoid "app wrapping" or app containerization by working within the available OS features. This helps to avoid disruption to the user and their ability to use their devices.

The newly released Cortado Corporate Server 7 adds support for the iOS 7 platform. Additionally, Cortado has rolled in its on-premise secure file sharing, enterprise mobility printing, and a secure browser into the MAM/MDM server solution.   

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