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Dell Intros New EqualLogic Storage, Includes All Flash Array

By - Source: Dell Press Release

Dell introduced a new generation of EqualLogic storage technologies on Tuesday. These solutions allow customers to scale from small environments to large data centers while addressing their needs for enterprise-class storage that is easy to manage and optimized for highly-virtualized environments, according to the company. The new technologies include the EqualLogic PS6210 Series arrays, EqualLogic Array Software 7.0, EqualLogic SAN Quarters 3.0 and more.

For starters, the PS6210 series arrays arrive in six models spanning all-flash, hybrid and all-HDD flavors. These new arrays reportedly offer increased throughput, up to three times higher performance and four times the memory of prior generations thanks to a faster, more powerful storage controller. New flash-enabled arrays reportedly support 2.4 times the virtual desktops and double the OLTP database workload performance with half the latency of prior-generation arrays.

"The scale-out architecture enables organizations to minimize I/O bottlenecks and address growing workloads with flash-enabled SANs that can achieve more than 1.2 million IOPS with less than two millisecond latency," reads the company's announcement.

On the software front, Array Software 7.0 provides new policy-based access controls and an improved user interface. The update is provided at no additional charge for customers with active support contracts. The company is also introducing SAN Headquarters 3.0, which provides in-depth reporting and analysis, "robust" performance and event monitoring across multiple EqualLogic groups. The new release includes Dell SupportAssist enhancements and Array Software 7.0 features support.

Finally we have Dell's FluidFS v3 on EqualLogic FS7610/7600. The company's announcement explains that this latest build decreases the capacity needed to store common enterprise file data by up to 48 percent by "deduplicating" and compressing redundant data when no longer needed. FluidFS v3 offers expanded protocol support and more third-party certifications, growing the ecosystem of industry-specific supported solutions, Dell reports.

Dell EqualLogic PS6210 Series, supporting software, and FS7610/00 with Fluid FS v3 are available worldwide this month.

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