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Record-Breaking Supercomputer Powered by Nvidia and Eurotech

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Record-Breaking Supercomputer Powered by Nvidia and EurotechRecord-Breaking Supercomputer Powered by Nvidia and Eurotech

Meet “Eurora,” the world’s fastest and most efficient supercomputer thanks to NVIDIA’s new Tesla GPU K20 accelerators and Eurotech’s advanced Aurora hot water cooling technology.

Built by Eurotech, an Italian company which has been focusing on embedded computer systems and utilizing pervasive computing paradigms to develop greener and smarter solutions, Eurora broke the record last Wednesday at CINECA, Italy’s largest and most powerful supercomputing center. The reported sustained performance “reached 3,150 megaflops per watt” according to NVIDIA’s press release, beating the Beacon, the previous record holder in supercomputer efficiency as recorded by Green500, by 651 megaflops, roughly 25%.

Eurora’s key systems specs, as listed on NVIDIA’s blog, include:

  • 64 compute nodes,
  • 2 Intel Xeon E5-series CPUs + 2 Tesla K20 GPU accelerators per compute node,
  • 110 teraflops Linpack performance,
  •  and 34.7 kilowatts.

Eurora was developed as a prototype by CINECA, the non-profit supercomputing center in Bologna. It combines the 128 NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, which are built on Kepler, NVIDIA’s high performance computing architecture (HPC) with Eurotech’s Aurora hot water cooling technology. Eurora is able to use less energy, thus cutting back on CO2 emissions, by not having to rely on air conditioning to cool its system which uses more energy.

CINECA is planning on using Eurora to advance computational science research working with the PRACE members part who are part of the PRACE 2IP project. The scientists are hoping that the supercomputer will help them develop their research faster, as many studies that involve advanced computer simulations require massive amounts of power and energy. The research that Eurora will help progress will range from life sciences to astrophysics.

Eurotech has estimated that Eurora’s cost savings will add up to $500K over five years for the CINECA research center, eliminating over 1,500 tons of CO2 emissions and cutting down 2.5 million kilowatt-hours.

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