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Centrally Manage Disparate Storage Resources

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Federated storage is a converged technology that can help IT pros get a better handle on data center resources. Senior contributor William Van Winkle outlines the concepts behind it in his latest article for Tom's IT Pro.

A high-end converged storage implementation, federated storage focuses on the management layer. So, as a result, federated Storage enables enterprise admins to centrally manage disparate storage resources, even across multiple data centers and locations.

“For example, shift your environment from serving blocks today to files tomorrow to Windows Server the day after that,” said Craig Nunes, vice president of marketing for HP Storage, to William. “Server and storage assets can ebb and flow based on demand. That’s the vision for converged storage. Federation is a feature of converged storage. Federation allows you to take a broader storage resource, such as many arrays in your data center, and begin to treat them as a single resource pool.”

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