IT Today: Floating Point Accelerators Boost World's Fastest Supercomputers

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Tom's IT ProTom's IT ProToday On Tom's IT Pro: Floating Point Accelerators: Does IT Finally Get A Free Lunch?, Making It in IT: Advice for a Veteran IT Pro Without a Degree, 21 Years Ago: SLAC Installs the First Web Server in the US, Slideshow: The Ten Most Influential People in IT, and more.

Floating Point Accelerators: Does IT Finally Get A Free Lunch?

Floating point acceleration key to huge top-end performance jump in the world's fastest supercomputers.

Making It in IT: Advice for a Veteran IT Pro Without a Degree

Ed Tittel advises a 55-year old IT professional who never got a degree or any certification other than a CNE 3 /4 and ComTIA + PC Technician. 

21 Years Ago: SLAC Installs the First Web Server in the US

Tim Berners-Lee set up first WWW server in at CERN in December 1991.

Slideshow: Top Ten Major Security Breaches of 2012

Take heed from these cautionary tales: Here are ten terrible security breaches that occurred in 2012.

Slideshow: The Ten Most Influential People in IT

The most transformative leaders and visionaries working in enterprise technology today.

Gartner Issues More Optmistic Outlook on IT Spending

Market research firm Gartner said that the uncertainties surrounding global economic growth are likely to subside in 2013 and lay the foundation for increases in IT spending this year.

Cost Reduction Remains Chief Reason to Adopt Cloud, Confusion Still Apparent

Survey finds expectation of cost reduction is the main reason why business consider a move to the cloud.

Calxeda Sees Storage Servers as Initial Opportunity

Calxeda apparently putting some effort in attracting business from the storage server market.

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