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Fortinet Announces New Internal Network Firewall

By - Source: Fortinet

Fortinet announced the Fortinet Internal Network Firewall (INFW), which is aimed at protecting a company's critical data from inside the network. The Fortinet INFW provides multi-gigabit throughput in its appliances by employing Fortinet’s propietary ASIC architecture. The Fortinet INFW features a pre-configured Transparent Mode, enabling rapid deployment. By simply attaching the Fortinet INFW appliance to the network and powering it on, administrators can instantly view all network traffic and get information on possible threats.

"The Internal Network Firewall (INFW) has been talked about for some time," said Ken Xie, founder and CEO of Fortinet. "However, there have been limitations with firewall technology and performance that have prevented their wide-spread deployment internally. With the sophistication of recent advanced threats, the need for internal firewalls is even greater."

Network security has historically focused on border protection, seeking to protect a company network by blocking all threats coming from outside the network. This approach is unable to address threats that make it "past the gate" and enter the internal network. Threats introduced via flash drives, or coming from consultants or internal employees can put critical company data at risk. Internal threats can enter undetected and remain in a company network for long periods, putting networks at risk -- especially those with flat internal architectures.

Fortinet INFW sits close to network assets, preventing breaches from spreading, while the included software allows administrators to view all traffic, users and devices on the network. FortiGuard Threat Intelligence services can detect and block malicious network traffic and implement security policies without necessitating changes to the existing network topology.

The Fortinet INFW will be available within the first quarter of 2015 as a pre-configured option on select FortiGate appliances.