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Free Big Data MOOC Available from CloudU

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"What is big data?" is not just a question that many IT pros are trying to answer nowadays. It's also the focus of Rackspaces's Cloud U's latest massive open online course, entitled the "Big Data MOOC." Read on to get the details on what's on offer and how to sign up. Sounds like good, clean, career-enhancing fun for all!

Rackspace CloudU Opens the Virtual Doors to its Big Data MOOC

As of last week Rackspace is sponsoring a massive open online course entitled the Big Data MOOC. It addresses key terms, tools, and technologies for aspiring big data professionals that include MapReduce, Data Lake, and a whole lot more. The idea driving the course is to equip interested parties -- IT professionals for sure, but also students or aspiring IT pros, as well as business executives, managers, and anybody else who wants to learn more about this topic -- to cultivate their appreciation for big data, related technologies and tools, and careers in this fast-growing arena.

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The Cloud U home page is the place to chase down the course sign-up, which currently appears in their catalog as Big Data MOOC Week 01 and also through the various Quick Links listed at the top left of that page (which include CloudU Curriculum and Browse Catalog that provide additional information about the organization's latest free training offering. Two additional weeks of training are scheduled to appear, including an exam for the two training modules. 

More Free Cloud Training from CloudU

There is lots of good, free cloud training available from Rackspace at CloudU. Most of it is carefully vendor-neutral, too.

There's also a very nice and free CloudU Certification available through the site. It consists of the following 11 lessons, which also shows the sponsor's careful attention to light-hearted humor in introducing and explaining the tools and technologies involved:

  1. Revolution Not Evolution
  2. Cloudonomics - The Economics of Cloud Computing
  3. Understanding - The Cloud Computing Stack SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  4. Say Goodbye to DIY Data Centers
  5. Elephant in the Room
  6. Planning a Move to the Cloud
  7. Running a Business on the Cloud
  8. Creative Configurations
  9. Does Data Want to be Free
  10. You Want to Put My Database Where
  11. CloudU Final Exam

There's also a pretty nice Course Catalog available at the site, too. It includes the following entries:

Basics of Computer Architecture

Short video about computer architecture concepts and basics.

Big Data MOOC

First week of the Big Data training which will run for two more weeks, concluding with a final exam.

CloudU Certification

Explored in all 11 lessons in the preceding table.

CloudU Features Open Cloud Academy

A video about the Rackspace classrooms for instructor-led training, located in walking distance from the San Antonio Riverwalk area.

Evolution of a Solution MOOC

Three lessons about cloud hosting concepts, followed by a concluding final exam.

Understanding the Cloud Computing Stack - By Ben Kepes

A short video that explores the various components in a cloud computing stack, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

What is Cloud Computing? - By Ben Kepes

Explores the basics of cloud computing, how it resembles a public utility, makes efficient use of computing hardware, provides scalability, and lets businesses focus on core strengths.

All in all, there's a lot of interesting stuff to look at here, and well worth a visit for IT pros interested in learning more about cloud computing and what makes it tick, as well as other interesting topics like big data.