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Fusion-io & Dell Acclerate with New All-Flash Database Array

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Fusion-io has announced that its new ION Accelerator Appliance will be packaged as a Dell solution, the Dell Acceleration Appliance for Databases. The all-flash appliance is meant specifically for accelerating applications such as SAP HANA, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server as well as virtualization workloads.

"Dell's technology collaboration with Fusion-io on our new offering, Dell Acceleration Appliance for Databases, will help customers optimize database performance with the solution’s integrated flash technology," says Sam Greenblatt, CTO and vice president of engineered solutions, Dell. Read: Building a Business Case for Cloud Storage

Fusion-io ION AcceleratorFusion-io ION AcceleratorThe 2U appliance packs up to 12 TB of flash memory and can provide up to 40 GB of bandwidth with 2.5 million 8K IOPS. All data is protected with Fusion-io's Adaptive Flashback technology.

Most flash protects data through RAID0 redundancy on the PCIe card by having multiple flash chips in a stack. In the event of a failure the SSDs modules must be swapped out and performance can take a hit. Adaptive Flashback is Fusion-io's alternative; the NAND array is monitored and erased blocks are taken in and out of service to avoid complete device failure.

"As more companies implement new data-intensive applications to tackle challenges in their business, the price of slow becomes evermore apparent," says Gary Smerdon, Fusion-io Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy and Product Officer.

The array can be managed through Fuision-io's management console, ioSphere, making the flash array especially attractive if you already utilize ioMemory products. The console includes integration with VMware vSphere in addition to other expected features, such as role-based administration and live performance monitoring.

Dell PowerEdge R720Dell PowerEdge R720Dell also hit a new personal record recently on the VMmark scale, 19.79 @ 18 tiles, using the Fusion-io ION Data Accelerator with the R820 flash array. The standard measures scalability and performance of workloads within a virtual environment with each tile representing 8 virtual machines.

You can request availability and pricing information on this new appliance through Fusion-io.