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Fusion-io ioVDI & Server Flash Speed Up VDI Deployments

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Fusion-io has announced the general availability of Fusion ioVDI for VMware's Horizon View, a VDI solution that aims to cut the usual downsides of VDI with flash storage technology. With the benefits of flash storage becoming quite clear in the past year, Fusion-io looks to apply those benefits to the virtual desktop infrastructure landscape.

Utilizing VDI allows for lower management overhead and improved security, but these benefits often have to be weighed against performance problems. A large number of virtual desktop users attempting to boot the virtual desktop simultaneously can seriously cut performance.

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One feature of ioVDI is Write Vectoring, which monitors write operations and individually assigns them to server-side flash storage, reducing shared storage interactions. According to Fusion-io, this can off-load up to 77% of the SAN/NAS workload and helps preserve features like vMotion, high availability (HA), distributed resource scheduler (DRS) and site recovery manager (SRM).

"In many ways, virtual desktops are the litmus test of application acceleration expertise," says Lee Caswell, Fusion-io vice president of the Virtualization Products Group. "Every desktop user is a hypercritical judge of performance, and every desktop administrator is looking to simplify the scaling of centralized desktops to minimize both capital and operating expenses."

Fusion ioVDI also includes Transparent File Sharing; this feature allows virtual desktop users to share common files, allowing for faster boot times within the VDI environment. According to an Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Lab Validation test report, boot times were recorded to be faster than an SSD-equipped laptop.

Fusion-io's recommended host servers are either a dual-socket Intel E5-2670 with 256GB RAM or dual-socket AMD 6376 with 256GB RAM. In addition, ioVDI supports any DAS, SAN or NAS storage options. You can find more specification recommendations on the Fusion ioVDI nformation page.

Fusion ioVDI is generally available now and is currently priced at $50/desktop.