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Fusion ioMemory Optimized for SQL Server 2014

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Fusion-io announced on Wednesday that the Fusion ioMemory platform is now optimized for SQL Server 2014. The updated platform promises to deliver up to four times the improvement in transactions per second and a significant reduction in data latencies.

"SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP (online transaction processing) combined with the Fusion-io cut through architecture drives the highest performance level of transactions with the simplest, most cost-effective approach compared to legacy architectures," states the company's announcement.

According to the company, Fusion ioMemory offers "tens of terabytes" of high-performance flash per server, delivering real-time business insights at a fraction of the cost of scaling out disks for performance. The ioMemory platform gives servers native access to flash memory to significantly increase data center efficiency.

"SQL Server 2014 customers that deploy Fusion ioMemory discover direct bottom-line impact on their business by leveraging existing hardware investments without sacrificing performance," the company stated in the announcement. "Fusion-io also improves productivity and enhances the overall user experience for enterprises by accelerating SQL Server 2014 response times."

Fusion-io supports Buffer Pool Extension, a new feature in SQL Server 2014. Combined with Fusion-io flash memory, customers can now reduce the amount of user wait time throughout their database environment. Fusion-io's platform integrates into the SQL Server 2014 Database Engine buffer pool to improve I/O throughput and reduce disk latency by offloading clean data pages from traditional storage to flash.

The company indicated that database performance will increase thanks to the integration between Buffer Pool Extension and the Fusion ioMemory platform. Solid state storage can exist alongside dynamic random-access memory (DRAM), but the former is more easily scalable than DRAM. Combined with the performance of Fusion-io's flash technology, Buffer Pool Extension is easy to implement and allows other applications to reside on Fusion's ioMemory products which demand greater I/O.

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