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Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition: What IT Pros Need to Know

Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition: What IT Pros Need to Know

On November 1, 2017, Samsung officially released the Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition, a hardware and MDM package that retails for $994 and has no user minimums. This business-focused device is part of the Unlocked by Samsung product line, which means users can choose the carrier, data plan and service of their choice. Aside from being unlocked, the Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition brings some serious MDM capabilities to the table.

The built-in device configuration tools make it an ideal fit for small businesses that want mobile device management (MDM) features without an additional product subscription. Centralized device management is not only less expensive for companies, it's easier for IT because there's less to manage and implement.  

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These are the best features of the Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition.

Enterprise Firmware Over the Air (E-FOTA)

E-FOTA has three primary maintenance features: selective FOTA, time control and force update. IT admins who have access to E-FOTA can select which firmware will be rolled out to specific devices for testing (or all devices across the board), control when updates are released companywide and force updates on firmware without any actions on the part of the user. Pre-scheduled firmware updates can be set for future dates as well, which is a major win for IT departments that want to carry out testing before rolling out firmware updates and possibly schedule those firmware updates during non-business hours.

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Knox Configure

Knox Configure is a powerful product with all the basic MDM config features an IT department in a SMB needs. With Knox Configure, IT admins can easily manage all corporate Samsung devices in one place and provide a cohesive look across said devices.

Different profiles can be created using Knox Configure, and each profile may include unique device settings and permissions (including restrictions on apps and content). These profiles make it easy to manage groups of employees and maintain control of how company devices are being used. In fact, devices can be so locked down using Knox that it's possible to turn an off-the-shelf product into a branded single-purpose device.

In addition to providing control over device usage and permissions, Knox Configure makes it easy to roll out consistent branding across company devices, from animated branded boot-up screens and personalized business apps to branded wallpaper.

Device Features

While it's easy enough to get caught up in the admin tools that come with the Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition, highlighting the features of the actual device may be helpful in encouraging adoption within your organization.

The Galaxy Note 8 is a pretty easy product to sell to end users, in part because it feels more like a luxury product than a business machine, even though it's really both. The large, glossy touch screen (6.3-inch Infinity Display) is extravagant (2960 x 1440 pixels) in size and quality, and this premium device comes with a built-in S Pen stylus that tucks away neatly in the phone (and sets off an alarm if it's too far away, so users won't lose it).

The S Pen is excellent for notetaking and sketching, and it can be used for translation purposes (by highlighting text, line by line). The battery life is fantastic (it lasted 11 hours and 11 minutes during our sister site's, Tom's Guide, testing), and it ships with 6GB RAM as well as a powerful Snapdragon 835 processor. This roomy phone runs Android 7.1.1. and has the best dual cameras we've ever seen on an Android device, and adds to the overall premium feel.

Bottom Line

If you have any control over the devices your organization adopts, pushing for the Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition could be a good move. The device itself is a fantastic business tool. Users will love the way it feels and functions, and the ease of deployment and management may make your job a little easier, depending on what type of MDM system (if any) you're using now.