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Gigabyte Displays Real World Application For IoT Vending Machines

By - Source: Gigabyte
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Gigabyte presented a new line of IoT devices in an effort to showcase its ability to be a provider of gateway technologies to industry.

Internet of Things (IoT) gets a lot of attention lately, but many still aren't quite sure what it means or how it will affect them. Sure, there are futuristic applications where a refrigerator orders the milk when it's running low. But Gigabyte has put out a more practical IoT application to help the vending machine industry.

Since the first vending machines came into use, there has been only one way to know the current stock level and maintenance issues with a machine: you send a person out to check on it. By using technology and the Internet of Things, vending machines are able to report back current stock levels and any alerts that require attention.

This is all made possible through a collection of devices ranging from IoT gateways, industry or machine specific controllers, and expansion cards for connecting legacy devices.

Gigabyte demonstrated the GB-BXBT-3825 IoT Gateway, the key component in updating legacy vending machine systems. It collects data from connected terminals and relays the information up to the cloud to be processed.


The GB-TCV1A Vending Machine Controller adds features to the vending machine itself, with the ability to present digital advertising through an HDMI output, process touchscreen input and print receipts.


The GC-SSP Expansion Board provides a hub for all of the legacy systems that are already on the vending machine, connecting analog and digital signals from product drops, coin and bill collection and thermometers not otherwise controlled by the IoT vending machine controller.


This kind of real world scenario demonstrates the importance of having technologically up-to-date vending machines that are ready to seize new kinds of business opportunities, from new forms of cashless payments to display advertising.

The GB-BXBT-3825IoT Gateway, GB-TCV1A Vending Machine Controller and GC-SSP Expansion Board are all available now.