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Major Linux Distros Past & Present

Major Linux Distros Past & Present
The Little Kernel that Could

The public genesis of the GNU/Linux distribution reaches back to August 25th, 1991 when a post by one Linus Benedict Torvalds to the comp.os.minix newsgroup announced he was working on a free operating system and that he had already ported the GNU programs bash and gcc to it.  The GNU/Linux model we're all familiar with today has certainly changed since 1991 -- especially as that particular announcement noted Linus’s free OS worked only on 386/486 AT clones.  Now GNU/Linux systems support many architectures and hardware environments and ranges from embedded implementations on mobile devices to massive clusters used for scientific computing.  GNU/Linux can even be found in space, where recently the International Space Station (ISS) made the switch to GNU/Linux for their ISS desktops.  Please sit back and enjoy as we trace the evolution of GNU/Linux through distributions past and present. 


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