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Good Technology Offers Enterprise Split Billing Solutions For Simplified BYOD

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Good Technology announced two Enterprise Split Billing solutions. These include an all-encompassing Enterprise Suite with Data Service, and a simpler Good Mobile Analytics and Reporting component, which will be available a la carte. Both offerings are due for general release in Q3 2015.

According to Good Technology representatives, this solution aims to solve problems associated with challenges in reimbursement and stipends for bring your own device (BYOD) and corporate-owned personally enabled (COPE) programs. This is an interesting development for facilitating BYOD, as enterprises can now accurately report on the cost of employees using devices for actual work purposes.

There are a couple of business imperatives driving to this solution. What was once easy – segmenting personal calls from business calls – is now much more complex. Organizations either cover all of the costs, none of the costs, or struggle trying to determine an accurate representation of approved usage. Employees also utilize multiple mobile devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets, with many traveling internationally, racking up expensive voice and data bills.

This issue is further exacerbated by functions such as IT end-user enablement, expense accounting and accounts payable living in three completely different organizations. Little time is left for organizations to manage the lifecycle, from building out new apps to deploying, managing and supporting employee enablers.

Good Technology aims to solve this problem through the Enterprise Suite with Data Service, which is comprised of three components: Good Enterprise Suite license, Cellular Data Service and the Mobile Analytics & Reporting capability.

First, the Enterprise Suite includes secure email, calendar, contacts, document viewing and Internet browsing through the Good Access browser. Employees won't pay for the data used by approved business apps, and the enterprise no longer needs to implement pay-forward or expense recovery (post-paid) programs. For finance and accounting, mobile device and management rollouts are streamlined through a single convenient subscription. 

The Cellular Data Service component includes pre-negotiated data coverage with the four major U.S. cellular data providers. This allows companies to bill data usage coming from Good Work and Good Access to the sponsoring organization rather than the individual employee.

Finally, for organizations interested in gaining more detailed insight into business data usage, the standalone Good Mobile Analytics and Reporting capability provides detailed visibility into actual data usage on a per application basis. This includes all Good-secured apps, whether they were developed by Good, one of the more than 200 ISV partners, or the 2,000 apps developed by customers. Anticipated in Q4 2015, administrators will also be able to avoid unplanned spikes in data charges by applying usage policy controls such as roaming detection.

Additional challenges solved by this solution include adherence to California laws (covering employees usage as mandated by law), overcoming inherent trust and perceived privacy issues by individuals concerned with enterprises peering into their personal affairs, bi-directional security (protecting the enterprise and the employee), and business intelligence of the true business data usage. On the final point, organizations are so resource-constrained that it has oftentimes been easier to pay for service rather than segment out business from personal usage. With the Mobile Analytics & Reporting module, Good does this automatically.

Monthly pricing is $20/user for the Good Enterprise Suite with Data Service, and $5/user for Good Mobile Analytics and Reporting. The solutions will be available this quarter with the Enterprise Suite with Data Service first available in North America.