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Google Jamboard: What You Need to Know

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Introducing Jamboard

Whiteboards are so 10 minutes ago, now that Google has taken the wraps off its new Jamboard. This digital touchscreen connects to Google Cloud to facilitate brainstorming sessions like you've not had before. You can sketch, attach digital skicky notes, copy web content and update it on the fly from your phone or the device itself. PC or Mac users can tune-in to watch a Jam session as well. 

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The hardware features a 55-inch, 4K display that works with iOS and Android apps, but it's only available in private beta right now for business customers on G Suite. It is now available and costs $5,000, plus a $600 per year service contract. Those companies who sign up before September 30 will get that contract half off. Regardless, it's not a cheap investment. 

The Jamboard ships with a pair of stylus and an eraser, or you can use your fingers for either action. The device turns handwriting into type and convert your drawings into digital shapes. 

It support Hangouts, thanks to its included HD camera, speakers and a microphone. For PC and Mac users to get in on the fun, you'll need to sign in through Chrome. Otherwise, all data is stored in your G Suite's Docs, Sheets, Slides or photos in Drive. 

This is the latest addition to Google's renewed interest in business-facing technology. It recently rolled out new improvements to its G Suite, and that was just weeks after launching its rebranded business arm, Google Cloud. The company says it has worked with existing G Suite customers, including Netflix and Spotify, to test drive its new features.