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Apple, September - Major Security Breaches

Slideshow: Top Ten Major Security Breaches of 2012
Apple, September - Major Security Breaches

Apple, the FBI, and Anonymous subsidiary AntiSec? This one has the makings of a sensational news headline. But it seems as though the 12 million unique identifiers from iOS devices stolen by the hackers from a compromised FBI laptop won’t actually do much damage. First of all, the FBI denies that a laptop was compromised or that it contained the Apple device login info for 12 million people. Second of all, AntiSec’s attempt to prove its conquest by posting 1 million of the IDs online fell flat when security analysts realized the codes could not be linked directly to individuals. If AntiSec comes up with a key to connect the Apple User IDs to actual people, then Apple will have a PR nightmare, and the FBI might have an image problem: AntiSec says the reason it hacked the supposed FBI laptop to begin with was to prove that that FBI uses device info like Apple User IDs to track people.

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