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Beyond The Top 5: More Hardware Certifications

Best Computer Hardware Certifications 2018
By , Mary Kyle

There are many more hardware-oriented certifications available that you might want to consider. As you get into IT and start to develop a sense of your own interests, and observe the hardware systems and solutions around, you'll be able to dig deeper into this area.

You can investigate all the major system vendors — including HP, Dell, IBM and other PC and server makers — as well as networking and infrastructures companies — such as Juniper, Fortinet and others — to find hardware-related training and certification to occupy you throughout a long and successful career.

Although ExpertRating offers many credentials, we rejected them after viewing several complaints regarding the general quality of their courses. Obviously, such complaints are from disgruntled customers but were enough to cause us to proceed with caution.

This is also an area where constant change and ferment in tools and technology is the norm. That means a course of lifelong learning will be essential to help you stay current on what's in your working world today, and likely to show up on the job soon.