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Seagate Joins UltraViolet To Boost Cloud Reputation

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Seagate Joins UltraViolet To Boost Cloud ReputationSeagate Joins UltraViolet To Boost Cloud ReputationSeagate is ramping up its image as a cloud storage provider by joining the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE).

DECE runs UltraViolet, a digital rights locker that enables consumers to stream movies they purchased on physical media. DECE is backed by 74 member organizations, including content providers such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, NBCUniversal, Warner Brothers, Fox Studios and Paramount Pictures as well as technology companies such as LG, Samsung, and Sony Electronics.

"Digital distribution beyond DVDs and Blu-ray Discs is not only the way of the future, it is the present and we know that storage is key to this ongoing transition," said Scott Horn, Seagate vice president of Marketing. "Seagate sees UltraViolet as a leader in bringing content to consumers in this new digital age and we are excited to be helping them make their vision a reality."

As UltraViolet gains visibility, we would expect Seagate to use this exposure to remind us of the fact that the company offers hard drives for general servers or network attached storage.

For Seagate, enterprise promotion certainly does not hurt these days. The company, which leads the market with an anticipated production of 56 million HDDs during the current quarter, told analysts during the Q3 earnings call that enterprise HDD demand is "weak" at this time and that the company does not believe that this will change anytime soon, "particularly due to the enterprise markets' exposure to the European economies."

In Q3, Seagate's enterprise business was down 26 percent from Q2. However, HDD shipments jumped by 14 percent year over year.

To attract more customers, Seagate said that it will be offering its third-generation solid-state hybrid notebook drives to enterprise products. The average enterprise HDD has a capacity of 738 GB, the company noted.

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