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Hitachi Data Systems Launches New Midrange Storage Package

By - Source: Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems Launches New Midrange Storage PackageHitachi Data Systems Launches New Midrange Storage Package

Last week Hitachi Data Systems launched the "industry's first" unified storage product that provides enterprise-class virtualization for all data types (block, file and object).

Hitachi said this new product separates itself from the competition by enabling 90-percent faster data migration and 30-percent better total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to non-virtualized systems. It also currently supports solid state drive options, and will eventually include additional flash devices based on the company's new flash memory controller.

Called the Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS VM), it incorporates a new type of storage virtualization system. It's also designed specifically for small and medium enterprises to simplify operations and enable more storage management across all virtualized storage assets. It's even supported by Hitachi’s Command Suite management software as part of a single software management platform to reduce the time required to administer storage for multiple applications.

"Until today, small and medium enterprises were forced to compromise quality, reliability and the ability to effectively virtualize their data in order to meet their limited budgets," the company said. "These tradeoffs could result in more complexity, missed service level objectives (SLO), disruptions in data mobility, and lower efficiency overall. As the first unified storage platform with enterprise-class virtualization for all data types, HUS VM brings to small and medium enterprises much greater capacity-efficiency across all storage assets."

HUS VM is a unified storage platform for all data, the company said. It's simple to manage, optimized for critical business applications, and offers the highest external virtualized capacity – up to 64PB which can include storage systems from different manufacturers. It consolidates block, file and object data natively onto a single platform to quickly deliver secure data service. And due to its unified nature, the platform even allows customers to share resources for different applications to lower capital investment and lower operation cost.

"HDS is the only IT systems company with true end-to-end virtualization of all data types," the company said.

Last week Hitachi Data Systems said it will include all HUS VM partner training into the Hitachi TrueNorth Partner Scholarship Program. The Hitachi TrueNorth Scholarship, on approval, provides free training to partners and is available for all training provided by the Hitachi Data Systems Academy. Hitachi TrueNorth partners can find out more details on the latest offerings for HUS VM by accessing the company’s online training portal.

“HUS VM is the perfect combination of enterprise performance and feature set in a power-packed modular format," said Steven Ruby, lead storage engineer of Storage & Data Protection Services at Devon Energy. "This allows Devon to remain agile and efficient within our primary and secondary data centers without the need for special power and floor space. The fact that we rolled the system onto our data center floor and within 45 minutes had more capacity and capabilities ready for a production workload than our previous platform shows that this new array is going to be game changer for companies looking for enterprise functionality in a smaller footprint."

For more information about Hitachi Unified Storage VM, head here.

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