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Oracle Releases Enterprise Healthcare Analytics Cloud Service

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Oracle Releases Enterprise Healthcare Analytics Cloud ServiceOracle Releases Enterprise Healthcare Analytics Cloud ServiceOracle Enterprise Healthcare Analytics is now available as a cloud-based service, enabling healthcare organizations to deploy EHA (electronic healthcare analytics) in less time and with a smaller initial investment.

Oracle’s Enterprise Healthcare Analytics is moving towards a SaaS model with the introduction of cloud and hybrid deployments. With the announcement of Enterprise Healthcare Analytics Cloud Service at the annual HIMSS conference, Oracle is aiming to provide more flexibility by expanding deployment and management options.  “Now that it’s also available as a cloud service, healthcare organizations have new flexibility to quickly reap the benefits of this powerful solution, while ensuring world class scalability and security, more predictable IT costs and optimized management of this business-critical analytics platform,” said Neil de Crescenzo, Oracle Health Sciences’ Senior Vice President.

Oracle Health Sciences Cloud is a HIPAA certified Software as a Service platform that enables Enterprise Healthcare Analytics to be deployed in the cloud. Oracle released OHSC in April 2011 to power its lineup of Health Sciences cloud applications. By integrating Enterprise Healthcare Analytics with Health Sciences Cloud, Oracle hopes to help organizations cut down on IT infrastructure and management costs.

Oracle Enterprise Healthcare Analytics, first introduced in March 2010, is a data integration and analytics platform built specifically for the healthcare industry. The specialty business intelligence solution integrates clinical, financial and administrative data into a single system, enabling organizations to see a complete enterprise view. The main benefit of EHA is the elimination of“disconnected silos of information” allowing for better insight and decision making.  

Support for cloud and hybrid deployments of Oracle Enterprise Healthcare Analytics is available now.  

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