EMR Certified Healthcare IT Specialist (Certified HIT)

Top 5 IT Certifications in Healthcare

 EMRapproved.com is the organization behind this certification program. Formed in December 2010, its charter is to provide “unbiased and trustworthy information regarding the topic of electronic medical records.”

Beyond its certification efforts, EMR also recommends hardware, servers, and communications gear to help medical and IT professionals implement best practices and required privacy and security for electronic medical records (the source for this organization’s root acronym: EMR).

The EMR Certified Healthcare IT Specialist (abbreviated Certified HIT) is designed to equip IT professionals to work in helping medical practices, clinics, and institutions make the transition from paper to electronic medical records. The US Government’s EMR HITECH incentives are driving this transition, and creating a large demand for qualified personnel (which is not just driving this organization, but the entire marketplace).

Their program included training in basic electronic medical records, medical applications, health information technology business and related practices, technology for healthcare environments, and coverage of workflow in medical practices, clinics, and hospitals. Table 3 provides the details on the Certified HIT.

Table 3: Certified HIT Facts & Figures

Certification Name

EMRApproved.com Certified Healthcare IT Specialist (Certified HIT)

Required courses:

Required Courses:  Certified HIT requires completion of 4 courses, with quizzes, labs, and workshops, as listed below.

Electronic Medical Records (EMRU 101-110)
HIT Business (HITU 101a&b-104)
HIT Technical (HITU 105-108)
EMR Practice Use/EMR Workflow (HITU-109-110)

Curriculum training is $449 for individuals, discounts available to groups or affiliate organizations

Number of exams

1 final exam [curriculum also includes three interim milestones, assignments, and workshops]

Cost per exam

$449 [includes training materials or online courses as well as exam]

Ongoing annual membership $199



Self-study materials

Neither self-study materials nor practice exams for these credentials are readily available at present, but this will change in the next 24 months as uptake of and participation in this program increases.

Where Healthcare IT Certification lists numerous (over 1,000) recipients of its credentials online, EMRapproved.com does not. At present, it’s difficult to assess how widely or broadly this program is being adopted. Those interested in this program should ask for references, and seek out local word-of-mouth feedback on the program and its offerings before making a major commitment. That said, the curriculum is not that expensive so taking a flyer need not be ruinous, either.