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Hedvig, ClusterHQ Join Forces To Simplify Container Deployment

By - Source: Hedvig

Containers offer elegant efficiency and density characteristics, but they are largely confined to dev and test environments because some implementations are deemed unworthy for production. ClusterHQ's Flocker allows data volumes (datasets) to move easily with containerized stateful services to any container in a cluster, which addresses one of the key weaknesses.

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is an elastic software-defined storage platform that merges disparate storage systems into one seamless pool with consolidated protocol capabilities, such as block, file and object storage. One of its best attributes is that the platform is hypervisor-agnostic and works just as well in bare metal or containerized environments.

Hedvig's platform and containers are both uniquely well suited for scale-out applications, and Hedvig worked with ClusterHQ to develop a Hedvig software plugin for Flocker. Hedvig's distributed shared storage pool doesn't require the storage volume to travel with the container. Instead, the Hedvig driver can provide the container a map to its existing storage as it migrates among various hosts. This allows deployment of stateful applications, such as databases, in containers.

The new plugin also provides dynamic storage provisioning so users can create persistent virtual volumes that range up to petabytes in size, and administrators can also define volume features to meet unique application requirements.

The Hedvig platform also offers per-volume data services, such as deduplication, compression and tunable replication that mesh well with granular management of container datasets (which can live beyond the life of the container).

"There's been a rapid shift to containers in production environments. However, DevOps and IT teams are quickly bumping into challenges, one of which has been the lack of persistent storage for containers. Specifically, organizations need the ability to run stateful services and preserve customer and corporate data as containers migrate or expire," said Avinash Lakshman, CEO and founder of Hedvig. "Our collaboration with ClusterHQ eliminates storage bottlenecks with Docker. Hedvig's distributed storage architecture is designed for containerized applications and microservices environments, and with Flocker by ClusterHQ we are able to seamlessly orchestrate storage with Docker for real production environments."

Hedvig will be in the ClusterHQ booth at VMworld August 31 to September 3, displaying a demo of its new container capabilities. The plugin is open source and available on GitHub now.