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HotLink Launches Multi-Platform Management Product

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

HotLink announced a new management solution called HotLink Cloud Management Express, part of the company's HotLink Hybrid Management Suite. HotLink Cloud Management Express is a VMware vCenter plug-in that extends existing vCenter management capabilities to additional resources including Microsoft Azure, vCloud Air, OpenStack, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (KVM).

Most hybrid management solutions require multiple consoles, and they often offer limited functionality. The promise of Cloud Management Express is the ability to manage a diverse on- and off-premises hybrid enterprise, but with the simplicity of a homogeneous VMware environment. It uses the company's HotLink transformation technology, which extends VMware management out to other resources, making vCenter the single dashboard to manage an array of hybrid platforms, with functionality that is more complete.

The solution even enables companies to leverage existing vCenter-compatible tools and workflows such as orchestration, self-service portals, PowerCLI scripts and other automation across hybrid resources. In addition, this management solution offers auto-discovery of cloud-based resources (both on- and off-premises); the ability to edit VM properties from native templates; and management of alarms, alerts and change management.

The key is the company's HotLink Transformation Engine, which captures real-time, native metadata from each platform and then converts it to a generic model so it can be imported into VMware vCenter's native schema. In doing so, all supported cloud-based resources are seamlessly managed together in vSphere within a unified inventory tree without the need for a complicated integration project.

Lynn LeBlanc, CEO of HotLink, said, "HotLink has been singularly focused on streamlining the management of hybrid environments since the company's beginning, and our transformation technology is unique in enabling VMware vCenter to natively interoperate with other platforms. The launch of HotLink Cloud Management Express takes this to the next level, supporting the largest spectrum of on- and off-premise[s] resources of any hybrid management Solution."

HotLink Cloud Management Express is available immediately. Pricing is currently set at $175 per Virtual Machine per year for 150 VMs.