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Journey to the Hybrid Cloud in a vCenter Plug-in

Journey to the Hybrid Cloud in a vCenter Plug-in

HotLink streamlines management of hybrid cloud infrastructure with a vCenter plug-in that allows you to mix and match hypervisors and public clouds without the added complexity.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Jerry McLeod of HotLink, a startup with a single vision: simplified management of hybrid cloud infrastructure. HotLink offers a unique product, a VMware vCenter plug-in that allows you to manage on and off-premise vSphere, Hyper-V, XenServer, KVM, EC2 & CloudStack hybrid environments.

McLeod is VP of sales and business development at HotLink, and has worked for VMware, EMC and FastScale, a startup that was acquired by EMC in 2009. It was at FastScale that Jerry joined forces with Lynn LeBlanc, HotLink’s current and FastScale’s former CEO and founder. In fact, LeBlanc brought on much of the same technical team to develop HotLink’s technology that created FastScale, a software virtualization management and provisioning solution. “We try to collect people that we know, that are reliable, that are top people” McLeod told me during our conversation, “and we’re still very much a startup.” Although not a technologist herself, LeBlanc raised $12M in venture capital for FastScale and another $10M for HotLink. The company has also chosen a very tech focused board of advisors, amongst them the CIO’s of Citrix, Facebook and other large, global companies.

HotLink now offers two products, the SuperVISOR and Hybrid Express, both of which are vCenter plug-ins. SuperVISOR extends the management capabilities of vCenter to Hyper-V, XenServer and KVM creating a unified administration and management platform for hybrid environments. Hybrid Express does the same for public clouds, allowing you to deploy, administer and manage hybrid on- and off-premise resources through vCenter or Microsoft’s System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). 

Although the technology is still fairly young, HotLink has already received recognition from the IT community. The company won Best of Show and top Virtualization Management from TechTarget at VMworld 2012 and more recently was named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner.

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