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HP Certifies Ubuntu 12.04 LTS On HP ProLiant Servers

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Ubuntu a viable choice on HP ProLiant servers.

UbuntuUbuntuUbuntu a viable choice on HP ProLiant servers.

Canonical and HP announced that the long-term support (LTS) version of Ubuntu 12.04 will be offered, certified and supported on select HP ProLiant Systems ahead of the official launch of the OS.

Canonical noted that HP's decision marks the first time that Ubuntu will be a supported server OS directly by the manufacturer, where customers can get support without taking the route to Canonical and the Ubuntu community. According to the companies, the partnership will be targeted at hyperscale customers and builds on HP's project Moonshot, which will be supporting Ubuntu Linux on ARM-based servers.

At this time, Canonical said that Ubuntu will be certified for existing ProLiant server models with the intent to provide immediate qualification of the OS when future servers are introduced. According to the developer, Ubuntu will be added to the HP ProLiant Certification and Support Matrices on

“Customers running Linux want choice when deploying an operating system that can support their demanding workloads,” said Scott Farrand, VP, Infrastructure Software and Blades, HP. “As an emerging Linux distribution, Ubuntu on HP ProLiant servers offers the scalability and flexibility to manage big data, cloud and hyperscale applications.”

Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical commented, “This validates our decision to focus on the technologies that will underpin the next generation of datacenters. More importantly it gives a vast number of users the ability to deploy these technologies with the support and backing of the largest computer manufacturer in the world. I can’t wait to see where this takes us next.”

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is scheduled to launch on April 26, 2012. The software is currently offered as a Beta 2 download.