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New HP Converged Storage Focuses On Disaster Recovery

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HP announced updates to its suite of converged storage offerings designed to increase performance, reduce cost, and help speed up recovery in the event of a disaster. The HP StoreOnce Backup and StoreAll Archive systems represent the company's next generation storage solutions.

The updated HP StoreOnce backup portfolio can handle up to 1.7 petabytes on the high end. According to HP, the StoreOnce portfolio has four times the backup performance and will provide data recovery at up to ten times faster than HP's closest competitor. This solution also provides enhanced security that allows customers to encrypt, decrypt, and securely delete data for specific applications on all StoreOnce backup systems.

For those who choose to make the switch from a competing system, HP offers a StoreOnce Get Protected Guarantee Program that provides a 95% reduction in stored backup capacity consumption.

HP is introducing a 480GB SSD and a 920GB SSD that use HP 3PAR Adaptive Sparingto optimize flash over-provisioning. The transaction performance has increased to more than 900,000 Input/Output per second (IOPS). Overall latency was reduced by an average of 25% and the maximum capacity for the HP 3PAR StoreServ model 7450 all-flash array has increased from 96 TB to 220 TB (230%). The HP 3PAR software now allows minimum and maximum thresholds to be set for IOPS, bandwidth, and latency by application or tenant.

Archived data frequently contains valuable information and businesses regularly need to locate and retrieve information (facts, figures, data, evidence, etc.) from archives. HP's new StoreAll 8800 Storage Archive system includes the integrated OpenStack Object Storage and Identity Service. Using HP's Express Query allows for the querying, quick retrieval, and reporting of information across billions of files.

The new 480GB and 920GB SSDs are available this month.

The HP StoreOnce model 6500 system, HP's 3PAR Operating System version 3.1.3, HP Priority Optimization software (as a standalone license or part of the Advanced Data Optimization Suite) are expected to be available to customers in January.

The HP StoreAll 8800 and HP StoreAll 8200 Gateway Storage will be available in February.

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