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HP First-To-Market with Atomic PCI Express Flash Series

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

During this year's HP Discovery conference, Fusion-io announced that HP is the first-to-market original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to offer integration with the company's latest Atomic Series flash memory. Fusion-io announced its newest PCIe-attached flash memory solution just last week, and clearly wasted no time in getting the Atomic Series into the hands of small to medium sized enterprises.

HP's ProLiant Servers will now be able to equip Atomic Series NAND flash memory for the added power of up to 6.4 TB per server directly attached to PCIe slots. Read: Building a Business Case for Flash Storage

"Customers expect integrated solutions, combined from leading hardware and software companies to drive tangible business value," says Ian Whiting, Fusion-io EVP Global Field Operations. "Our latest collaboration with HP on Atomic Series enables breakthrough performance to applications, delivering the right information, to the right users at the right time."

The Atomic Series is based on Fusion-io's previous ioMemory 3 architecture, as well as ioDrive 3 and ioScale 3. When Atomic Series technology is equipped in a ProLiant Server they will either be advertised as the HP PCIe Workload Accelerator line or the HP Light Endurance PCIe Workload Accelerator line.

The standard PCI Workload Accerlator line, based on Fusion-io's SX300 series, will offer up to 6.4 TB in capacity with prices starting at $8,899 for the 1.3 TB option. All have an endurance rating of 0.5 drive writes per day (DWPD).

The Light Endurance PCIe Workload Accelerators is the high-end option, akin to Fusion-io's PX600 series, with write IOPS able to reach 150,000. Capacities range from 1 TB to 5.2 TB and prices start at $11,999. The endurance rating for this higher-end option is 3 DWPD.

"Atomic Series delivers much higher performance than typical SSDs in a fraction of the space, making it a perfect fit for a broad range of applications including database and cloud applications, big data analytics, and hyperscale workloads. Placing Atomic Series directly in HP servers enables dramatic database transaction performance acceleration and allows customers to benefit from real-time intelligence for business insights," according to Fusion-io's news announcement.

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