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HP Haven OnDemand Takes Big Data To The Cloud

By - Source: Hewlett-Packard

HP announced that it made the HP Haven big data analytics platform available on the cloud as "HP Haven OnDemand". Hosted on the HP Helion cloud infrastructure, HP Haven OnDemand gives companies the ability to perform analytics on all of its enterprise data, be it machine-generated, unstructured, or business data.

HP has announced further plans to embed HP Haven analytics capabilities within other HP software applications using the power of Big Data Analytics to enhance security and improve IT operation efficiency and compliance. HP Haven OnDemand will allow organizations to analyze data ranging from mobile platforms to the data center in order to extract insights in minutes.

HP Vertica OnDemand gives HP Haven OnDemand an easy-to-use Analytics platform that can be set up in minutes on the HP Helion Cloud. HP Vertica users can query using familiar SQL syntax, or perform sentiment, predictive or geospatial analysis. It has built-in capabilities for event-series pattern matching, advanced time series and more. HP Vertica features a Pay-As-You-Go model to allow organizations to adjust service levels to meet their business needs.

HP IDOL OnDemand allows organizations to organize, index, search and analyze unstructured data at scale, featuring APIs built to allow developers to quickly build and deploy Big Data analytic applications. Among HP IDOL APIs are face detection and contextual search for analyzing images, social media, text and video.

HP Haven Analytics has been added to HP’s IT Operation Management solutions to assist organizations in the automation and optimization of IT management. HP Application Defender uses HP Haven Analytics technology to help ward off attacks on cloud-based production applications.

HP Vertica OnDemand will be available in CY Q1, 2015 with pricing starting as low as $999 per month. HP IDOL OnDemand is available now as an early access web service.