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New HP Software Helps Mobile Apps Increase Their "Fundex" Score

By - Source: Hewlett-Packard

HP announced multiple software releases that leverage the power of big data to accelerate all phases of mobile app development. A "Fundex" score provided by HP gives mobile app developers a top-level view into problems that could have negative impact on overall user experience.

"As businesses get serious about their mobile application strategy, they realize that point solutions fall short in helping them to quickly create and deliver amazing mobile experiences that are secure, high-performing, and beautiful," said Robert Youngjohns, EVP and GM, HP Software. "HP is uniquely positioned to lead in the mobile market by bringing together our proven assets in application development, operations management, security, and big data to help businesses deliver winning mobile apps that delight customers and positively impact their brand, revenue, and market share."

Mobile apps have increasingly served the role as the "front door" into a company for consumers, with the success or failure of company initiatives becoming increasingly tied to mobile app user experience. HP's new tools are built to improve mobile app development, testing, monitoring and management using HP Haven analytics, HP security software. and HP's Software-as-a-Service interfaces.

The HP Haven big data platform provides companies with information about the quality of their mobile apps. HP App Pulse Mobile monitors the performance, stability and resource usage of a company's mobile apps, providing the aforementioned "Fundex" score to help rate the overall user experience.

The new version of HP's Agile project management software helps mobile development teams to adopt Agile software development practices and supports real-time integration with the HP Application Lifecycle Management software. Testing across a wide range of browsers and platforms is accelerated with the new version of HP Mobile Center, with support for iOS and Android native platforms, as well as hybrid applications using JQM, Angular and Sencha.

Enhanced tools from HP help development teams simulate real-life network conditions during software development and testing, helping teams deliver apps that provide an optimal user experience.

HP Fortify application security suite allows developers to assess and test security during all phases of application development and testing.

The new suite of HP mobile development software titles are available immediately worldwide.