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HP Releases NFC Enabled Enterprise Inkjets and Ink Services

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HP is releasing new OfficeJet printers for the enterprise that can print up to twice as fast as color laser printers and cost up to 50 percent less per page. Announced today, these new models also include HP's enhancements to the security and mobility options with a "touch-to-authenticate" solution that will allow end users to authenticate to enterprise security with a near field communications (NFC) enabled Android smartphone or tablet.

NFC technology uses radio communication that allows smartphones and similar devices to talk to each other by touching the devices together or bringing them into close proximity. Announced last week, HP has also updated its optional HP Access Control and HP ePrint Enterprise software with additional features that allow an enterprise to authenticate user login information by touching an NFC enabled Android smartphone directly to the printer or, using HP's ePrint to integrate with MobleIron's AppConnect enterprise mobility management platform.

The two models being released are the multifunction printer (MFP) color X585 series and the color X555 series. Both printers use HP's PageWide Technology that enables single-pass printing by using a printhead that spans the entire width of the paper. Each printhead contains over 40,000 tiny ink ejectors that release ink as the paper moves under the printhead. As HP notes, the ink ejector stays stationary and only the paper moves while the ink is being applied across the page.

HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color MFP X585 is a multifunction device that has print speeds of between 42 - 75 pages per minute (ppm) black and between 44 - 75 ppm color. The MFP has print, scan, and copy features and supports multitasking. The flatbed scanner will handle up to 8.5 inch x 14 inch paper and will scan at up to 600 dpi. Wireless capability is enabled with the purchase of a hardware accessory. The units come standard with 500-sheet input trays, a 50-sheet multi-purpose tray and a 300 sheet face down output bin. An optional 500 sheet third tray can be added for additional paper needs. The MFP X585 series includes an 8 inch color touch screen that allows end users to print, copy, scan, fax and perform other functions. HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color MFP X585HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color MFP X585

The three versions included in the X585 series are an MFP X585dn, MFP X585f, and color flow MFP X585z. There are some variations in the models with the main difference being some higher scanning speeds, single pass two sided scanning, and additional input file formats, including OCR capability available with the X585z and a fax option available on both the X585f and the X585z models.

HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color X555 series are color printers that have print speeds of between 44 - 72 ppm in both black and color. Wireless capability is enabled with the purchase of a hardware accessory. The MFP X555 series includes a 4.3 inch color touch screen that allows end users to manage common printing tasks. USB printing and scanning is also available with an option to plug in a USB drive directly into the printer. There is also the availability of wireless printing through secure peer-to-peer direct access without connecting to a corporate network.

HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color X555HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color X555The two versions introduced in the X555 series are the X555dn and the X555xh. The main difference between the two units is the addition of a HP high performance 320 GB hard disk and the addition of a 500 sheet tray as standard with the X555xh model. While a Tray 3 can be added as an option to the X555dn, the hard disk is not available.

Last week, HP also announced automated supplies ordering and replenishment with new HP SureSupply solutions that include an Express option for one touch ordering of ink and toner cartridges from iOS or Android phones. For larger businesses with more than 10 HP (or non-HP) devices, the business can use HP SureSupply Auto-Delivery that allows the business to choose either automatic ordering or the option to approve each order.

The company also announced geographic expansions to its HP Express Decision Portal and regional expansions to Partner Managed Print Services (MPS) for resellers.

Note that the touch-to-print technology requires an optional accessory in order to enable NFC functionality on HP devices.

Release dates for the OfficeJet MFP X585 and the OfficeJet X555 devices are planned for April 1. The expected pricing for the MFP X585 is between $1,999 and $2,799 and the HP X555 pricing is $749 to $1,199.

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