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HP Integrates OpenStack Horizon Into Its Cloud Console

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This week HP announced that it is enhancing its public cloud and cloud architecture with some new and improved features. Some of the new functionality comes from HP's integration of Horizon, OpenStacks Dashboard project, into HP's Public Cloud Console.  HP states that "HP is the first company to put the OpenStack Horizon project into production as the core technology behind a public cloud management console.

The OpenStack Horizon dashboard application provides a web-based user interface that supports all core OpenStack projects.  Horizon's visual interface allows users and administrators to manage core cloud service functions such as provisioning of compute, storage, database, load balancing, and other cloud services from an easy to use display. 

The Horizon-based HP Public Cloud Console gives HP customers improved ease of use and added security through its identity management features, networking topology maps, and support for HP's Cloud Relational Database service, (note: the Database service is currently in public beta but available to HP's current Public Cloud customers.)

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The new version of the HP Public Cloud Console is available for OpenStack Havana and the upcoming IceHouse release.  If you are using a version of OpenStack prior to 13.5 you'll need to continue to use the classic console.  Also, the new console is currently a "preview edition" so until it's fully integrated you'll continue to manage your service using the classic console.

It's a bit rough but you can see watch an HP Cloud Overview of OpenStack Horizon Management Console video on YouTube.

HP is also adding features to the HP Cloud OS (built on OpenStack) which they say will include a new distribution network, simpler infrastructure provisioning, and improved multiregional support.  

No further details about the OpenStack integration were available as of this writing, so if you have a driving need to know these things, you'll need to sign-up to be added to HP's private beta access request list to be considered.  You can find the link to that site here.