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HP Updates Z Turbo SSDs, Reveals New Z Turbo Quad Pro (Updated)

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

HP revealed a new workstation SSD capable of combining up to four HP Z Turbo PCIe M.2 modules in a single card, offering unmatched storage performance and capacity for the company's Z line of workstations. In addition, it has updated its Z Turbo lineup to include NVMe compatibility.

The Z Turbo Quad Pro is an enclosure that can house multiple SSDs, and it comes standard with two second-generation HP Z Turbo M.2 modules, but can be configured with up to four drives. The modules are available in capacities of 256 GB and 512 GB, giving the Quad Pro a maximum of 2 TB SSD storage. The card runs at x16 mode in a PCIe 3.0 slot, giving each M.2 NVMe SSD a full four lanes of PCIe bandwidth. Furthermore, the maximum number and capacity of the HP Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro is limited only by the number of available PCIe x16 slots in your HP Workstation, so feel free to grab two of these.

The device is capable of software-enabled RAID 0 and 1 configurations, albeit only as a data drive (RAID is not supported via software for boot drives). In a RAID 0 configuration, HP advertises that peak sequential reads can reach up to 9 GB/s. However, at the HP Workstation event in NYC, the company's demo maxed out at just over 5900 MB/s on sequential reads and 5439 MB/s for sequential writes. This isn't as high as HP claimed, but still very impressive. A dedicated cooling plate placed over the modules keeps operation at optimal temperatures, preventing bottlenecks associated with overheating.

If you don't want to sacrifice the amazing speed, or the thought of having to use a different device as a primary boot partition gets you down, don't worry. The Quad Pro can be configured to use one of its M.2 SSD modules as a boot drive, while still being able to configure the remaining three drives in a RAID setup.

The HP Z Turbo Quad Pro can be configured with up to four modules and starts at $779 with two 256 GB M.2 modules installed for a total of 512 GB. Additional 256 GB modules start at $299 a piece. Thanks to a BIOS lock, the device is supported only on the HP Z440, Z640, and Z840 Workstations, and cannot be used in any other OEM workstation solution.

Updated, 11/13/2015, 6:33pm CT: A change was made to clarify pricing for the HP Z Turbo Quad Pro.