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HP Enhances Thin Client Multimedia Performance With HP True Graphics

By - Source: Hewlett-Packard

HP announced new software that will bring enhanced Video, 3D graphics and multimedia performance to cloud-based applications running on thin clients. HP True Graphics software enables thin clients to use local hardware accelerators to boost graphics performance and reduce CPU load, bringing thin-client multimedia performance closer to that of a stand-alone workstation.

"HP True Graphics allows HP Thin Client users to better harness rich multimedia content in a more efficient manner with a truer user experience," said Jeff Groudan, worldwide director, Product Management, Thin Clients, HP. "The HP software was designed for the industry’s adoption of h.264 as the popular technology standard in transcoded, virtualized environments."

HP True Graphics is used to deliver high performance graphics and multimedia content to HP virtual workstation environments such as the HP DL380z. For thin-client users, deploying cloud-based apps to thin-clients has historically meant compromising multimedia performance, as general purpose CPUs can become overloaded with tasks better suited to run on specialized hardware. HP True Graphics consists of software enhancements to Citrix HDX 3D Pro and Citrix Super Codec, which utilize local hardware decoders on select HP Thin Clients to process h.264 data, freeing the CPU and delivering improved performance with HD Video, 3D graphics, Silverlight and even CAD applications.

HP True Graphics is currently offered for the HP t520 and t620 Thin Client platforms. HP True Graphics requires an HP Thin Client with an HP ThinPro 5.0 or higher operating system, AMD processors, and a Citrix infrastructure running XenApp or XenDesktop v.7.0 or higher. HP True Graphics is included in the ThinPro OS starting with ThinPro Version 5.2 and can be added as an update to ThinPro 5.0 starting in early 2015.