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HP Thin Client Gets AMD Quad-Core Treatment, Fiber NIC

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HP's t620 thin client, the first quad-core processor fan-less design of its kind, was announced today by the company in Barcelona, Spain.

Image Courtesy of HPImage Courtesy of HPA thin client is still one of the best ways to achieve security, especially for organizations in industries that require highly secure access to data and remote services. Organizations such as finance, government, healthcare, education all have this type of the requirement.

However, businesses also want performance, flexibility, and ease-of-use. The HP t620 provides all of the above, and according to the company, the t620 series will meet other desktop client cloud and virtualization computing needs without sacrificing performance.

The t620 includes HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) and flexible networking options; it provides enhanced graphics capabilities for teams working together on graphic intensive applications. The HP t620 has an integrated Fiber NIC and Ethernet port.

It can be configured with a serial or VGA port depending on the need for connecting VGA monitors or a legacy serial device. By adding an optional factory installed video card, the HP t260 can manage up to four displays and can power two 30-inch diagonal 2,560 x 1,600 displays in its standard configuration. With the addition of HP RGS on the HP t620, employees can work together on graphically intensive applications or Linux-based applications.

An AMD GX (dual or quad core processor) and AMD Radeon High Density (HD) professional graphics power the new fan less design. These processors give it its enhanced multimedia performance. According to HP, the t620 is 50% faster than its predecessor, the t610.

To meet enterprise level security needs the HP t620 includes security solutions integrated into the BIOS that meet the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) guidelines. Additionally it includes a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chipset, and a lockable port cover option.

"User experience, flexibility and security are not mutually exclusive thanks to advances in thin client technology and HP innovation. The fact that the HP Thin Client family is amazingly successful around the world underscores the widespread need for powerful technology with enterprise-level security, and how solutions like the HP t620 can successfully address it," said Jeff Groudan, marketing director for Thin Clients at HP.

HP's new t620 series is being demonstrated at HP Discover in Barcelona, Spain which is happening this week, December 10-12, 2013. The HP t620 will be available worldwide in December and pricing will be available upon request. For more information and announcements from the conference, visit

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