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HPE's New ALM Octane Improves DevOps Efficiency

By - Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced today the availability of software designed to help customers accelerate the development process. HPE ALM Octane is an application lifecycle management (ALM) solution that brings together a whole host of open source software management utilities under a single pane of glass.

Some of the features of HPE ALM Octane include interactions with other development tool sets such as Jenkins, GIT, and Gherkin. By integrating with these popular developer tool sets, HPE ALM Octane empowers DevOps and operations teams to keep up with the rapid development cycle created by agile and lean teams.

"At the core of successful business today, you will find agile, high-quality, high-performing applications that continuously provide engaging and intuitive user experiences," said Raffi Margaliot, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Application Delivery Management at HP Enterprise. "However, to rapidly deliver these remarkable applications, IT teams need to be equally agile and continuously deliver high-quality products. HPE ALM Octane is specifically designed for Agile and DevOps-ready teams, bringing a cloud-first approach that’s accessible anytime and anywhere, bolstered by big data-style analytics to help deliver speed, quality, and scale across all modes of IT."

However, HPE ALM Octane is also going one step further in speeding up the development and testing cycle. In addition to integrating with build platforms, version control systems, and automated testing, there are a wide array of test and automation tools available directly from open source as well as HPE solutions. Bringing it all together is integration with ChatOps, such as Slack and Hubot.

Organizations can leverage HPE ALM Octane as a cloud-delivered service starting today. Additionally, current HPE ALM and HPE Quality Center enterprise customers on support are entitled to the new offering as part of their active support contact. On-premises HPE ALM Octane installations will be available later in 2016.