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HPE Releases Machine Learning APIs For Devs Using Azure Public Cloud

By - Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced the general availability of set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide a rich set of machine learning tools to developers. HPE Haven OnDemand runs on the Azure public cloud and includes more than 60 individual APIs and services.

The capabilities of HPE Haven OnDemand run a wide range of operations centered around identification and analysis of different data types. Using the APIs, developers and organizations are able to quickly include everything from text analysis to formatting conversions to image, speech and facial recognition into their applications.

The pricing model offers several different options, beginning with a free service that can be used for gaining familiarity with the APIs and what you can do with them. As your use of the service grows, a commercially available option would be a more appropriate choice, as it comes with a Service-Level Agreement to set clear expectations on service availability.

 “The software industry is on the cusp of a new era of breakthroughs, driven by machine learning that will power data-driven applications across all facets of life,” said Colin Mahony, senior vice president and general manager, HPE Big Data, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “HPE Haven OnDemand democratizes big data by bringing the power of machine learning, traditionally reserved for high-end, highly trained data scientists, to the mainstream developer community. Now, anyone can leverage our easy to use cloud-based service to harness the rich variety of data available today to build applications that produce new insights, differentiate businesses, delight customers and deliver a competitive advantage.”

The release of the software on Azure comes as no surprise. HPE and Microsoft announced in December 2015 a strategic and extended partnership that will see more HPE products and services being delivered directly through the Microsoft Azure public cloud.

Update, 3/31/16, 8:35am PT: HPE reached out with a clarification: "Haven OnDemand is hosted on Azure, it wasn’t built directly into it, so it’s not selected or added to apps by an Azure catalog. HPE’s platform also allows developers to call APIs from their application no matter where the app is hosted." We have updated the original article accordingly.