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HPE's Verity Suite Framework Offers Compliance In The Cloud And On-Prem

By - Source: HPE

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced the launch of a suite of applications and services that helps businesses manage and govern data. The HPE Verity Suite provides a management platform for governance of information, but it also establishes a framework that allows the use of modules to extend the capabilities of the platform. The first of these modules is the HPE Verity Information Archiving, which helps organizations manage and control data by streamlining the archiving process.

By utilizing this framework and module approach, HPE addresses the problems that arise from having multiple solutions in place for monitoring and managing organizational data. This data is often housed in different silos, meaning that it's separate from other organizational data. 

Typically, problems with data silos are a proliferation of management tools and data sources that are unaware of related organizational data. Instead, the HPE Verity Suite provides one interface and one suite of applications to bring information across from all the different silos, whether they are video, audio, social media, email, or archives.

HPE Verity Information Archiving offers mid-level organizations an option to resolve some of the issues that they face in backing up and maintaining compliance records. Even though these organizations are smaller than large enterprises, they have many of the same issues in regards to compliance efforts and the operations that surround the exporting and archiving of data. HPE Verity Information Archiving provides a mechanism to simplify the processes of analyzing data and backing it up, storing it off to archives, or deleting data based on compliance needs and organizational rules.

Another problem this helps to resolve is that of data sovereignty. Many countries have a high demand for these types of data solutions, however they find limited options that comply with laws regarding data sovereignty, which specify where data can reside. These laws prevent companies from storing their data in cloud services that are hosted outside their own borders. The HPE Verity solution minimizes this by deploying into local data centers. 

HPE Verity Suite can be installed on HPE Helion/OpenStack private clouds as well as the Amazon Web Services Services (AWS) public cloud.