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3 Key Features for Effective Cloud Monitoring

3 Key Features for Effective Cloud Monitoring

As more users migrate to public clouds, there has been significant analysis concerning the individual IaaS vendors. Excellent comparisons that include extremely useful side-by-side features and core pricing comparisons have been constructed.

Absent in this discussion, however, is any detailed analysis of tools and solutions that are needed once a user has migrated to the cloud.  The conversation either focuses exclusively on application monitoring or starts and ends at infrastructure cost tools (and even the cost tool discussion is cursory with a very thin focus on purchasing while ignoring utilization and allocation).

The narrow focus completely ignores the cloud’s greatest strength: elasticity.

Cloud elasticity translates into significant increases in availability and scalability at an enormous cost reduction relative to a comparably functional data center.  Harnessing this strength means optimizing cloud usage from cost, security, and availability perspectives. Optimizing cloud usage means monitoring and understanding what is occurring within your deployment -- for cloud users, there is no such thing as benign neglect.

So, just as data center users require solutions to assist in optimizing and controlling usage beyond the application layer, so too do public cloud users.  In fact, given the complexity and evolving innovation of cloud architecture, these tools are even more critical for cloud users to avoid cost sprawl, security vulnerabilities, and service deterioration.

What follows is a brief overview of the core necessities of cost, security, and availability monitoring. For discussion purposes, I will focus upon examples from Amazon Web Services (AWS). However, do not think that these problems are unique to AWS or AWS users -- they exist across providers to varying degrees and with slightly varying terminology.

Aaron Klein is the Co-Founder/ COO of CloudCheckr Inc. CloudCheckr Inc. provides a comprehensive solution (CloudCheckr Pro) that addresses the infrastructure reporting, monitoring, and control needs of AWS users through automated and customizable reports, alerts, and recommendations. Its cost, security, resource, best practice, and change monitoring analytics and features allow users otherwise unavailable insight into their deployments and usage. CloudCheckr Pro is designed to help users optimize their deployment.