Top 5 in Tech: IaaS Comparison, Fighting Cybercrime & 10 Years for VCP

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Thanks for joining me for another Top 5 in Tech! This week is all about Infrastructure-as-a-Service as we wrap up our IaaS comparison series that takes a closer look at seven IaaS providers to help you choose the right vendor for your needs. We’re also examining the value of advanced IT certifications like the CCIE and MCA and we and invite you to share your dos and don’ts for breaking into IT on our LinkedIn group.

I'm also excited to congratulate Susan Gudenkauf, the first person to become a VMware Certified Professional 10 years ago this week. Congrats Susan, VCP #1!

Top 5 in Tech: IaaS Comparison, Fighting Cybercrime

Top 5 This Week:

  1. Value of Advanced IT Certs
  2. IaaS Provider Comaprison
  3. Sponsored: Cyber Security 360°
  4. Discussion: Breaking into IT
  5. Tweet of the Week: via @susangude

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