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Akamai & IBM Cloud Security Service Protects from DDoS Attacks

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IBM said on Tuesday that it has teamed up with Akamai Technologies to provide a new cloud solution that combines software analytics and cloud security services to fend off Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks. The partnership arrives after the company determined that these attacks are on the rise, with the average company now filtering through 1,400 cyber-attacks weekly.

"Many organizations do not have the on-site expertise or the right IT skills and tools required to combat them. Also, many do not have an incident response program in place or rely on existing programs that are out of date, not regularly tested or recently updated to address the growing exponential threats. As part of the cloud solution, IBM will integrate Akamai’s always-on cloud-based web security solution, 'Kona Site Defender' with IBM’s Cloud Security Services portfolio," the company announced.

IBM's announcement states that both companies will be transparent, sharing security intelligence insights gained by applying business analytics to extensive security monitoring data to better detect threats, identify security risks and areas of non-compliance, and set priorities for remediation. X-FORCE research and development will contribute global analytics capabilities and a comprehensive threats and vulnerabilities database, while IBM Q1Radar security solution will identify potential threats and breaches by gathering information from multiple sources and using analytics.

For the uninitiated, DDoS typically focus on web-based assets like e-commerce, cloud services, home pages and more. Attackers bombard web servers with loads of data packets, thus "clogging" the site's bandwidth, making it unobtainable. On a revenue end, that means lost business because customers can't purchase products due to being unable to access the site. On many occasions, these attacks are performed as a protest, but they can also be used as a distraction while hackers break into the network and steal potentially sensitive, critical data.

"Our clients tell us there is a need to strengthen cloud security," said Kris Lovejoy, general manager, IBM Security Services. "The partnership with Akamai combines a world-class security team and an intelligent network platform to strengthen cloud security. Together with Akamai, IBM can provide both proactive and reactive DDoS protection from the increasing frequency, scale and sophistication of these attacks."

IBM breaks its service down into five components: preparation, mitigation, monitoring, response and intelligence. IBM will develop readiness plans and response protocols, and proactively stop attacks before they affect clients' networks. The company will monitor network traffic, DDoS alerts, and the real-time health of IT resources, and deliver insights on internet threat conditions and provide real-time DDoS metrics. Trained response experts will be on standby to assist with attacks; to contain, eradicate, recover and identify primary and secondary attacks.

"DDoS mitigation and prevention can be incredibly complex and resource intensive, and organizations often find they simply don’t have the right resources in place to be as effective as they need to be to meet the web security challenges they face," explained Ronni Zehavi, senior vice president and general manager, security division, Akamai.

"Together, IBM and Akamai can offer the right mix of technology and expertise to give our customers the peace of mind that their DDoS mitigation efforts are in the right hands," Zehavi added.


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