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IBM And Cisco Partner On Watson Integrated Cloud-Based Collaboration Tools

By - Source: IBM

IBM and Cisco have announced a partnership whereby the companies will jointly offer a suite of cloud-based collaboration tools. The new suite will integrate the Cisco Spark and WebEx tools with IBM Verse and Connections products while leveraging the cognitive computing features of IBM Watson.

This partnership seeks to integrate IBM's cloud-based collaboration tools with the advanced security of the Cisco Spark and WebEx platforms.

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"The irony of many workforce tools available today is that because there are so many to choose from, they can reduce employee effectiveness," said Inhi Cho, General Manager of Collaboration Solutions at IBM. "With our combined technology strengths and understanding of how teams get work done, IBM and Cisco can deliver the next generation of collaboration tools needed to cultivate innovation and drive productivity."

Cisco Spark and WebEx tools currently provide businesses with messaging, file sharing and advanced meeting capabilities while IBM Connections cloud collaboration tools offer cloud-based email, instant messaging, online document editing, web conferencing, file sharing and social business services. 

"At Cisco, we are constantly innovating to improve the collaboration experience and there has never been a better time to take our offerings to the next level," said Jens Meggers, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Cisco Cloud Collaboration Technology. "That's our goal here—to think exponentially and together with IBM create the next generation of collaboration."

IBM and Cisco plan to roll out new solutions that use the cognitive capabilities of Watson to analyze structured and unstructured data, including workflow pattern data and data generated during the course of daily workplace interactions. According to the companies, actionable insights derived from this data can help people work more efficiently.

Back in February, Ginni Rometty, President and CEO of IBM told IBM's 1,400 partners at the company's PartnerWorld conference in Orlando that "IBM is a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company, and everything we do is now focused on that. Those are not two separate things. They are one coin with two different sides."

The company is sticking with this message through partnerships like the one announced today with Cisco. Earlier this month, IBM teamed up with Acxiom to create a consumer analytics offering powered by Watson that integrates predictive analytics capability. IBM also partnered with Apple, VMware, SAP, Box, Docker and a number of other enterprise vendors, creating alliances and new offerings that focus on IBM's cloud and the Watson cognitive platform.