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IBM Cloud Security Enforcer Protects Companies From Cloud-Based Threats

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

IBM Cloud Security Enforcer allows IT security administrators to monitor and regulate the use of cloud-based apps in an organization. Using IBM Cloud Security Enforcer, admins can monitor user activity, detect cloud app usage, and limit cloud app access to an approved app catalog making "bring your own" cloud-based app usage safe.

According to IBM research, one out of three employees at Fortune 1000 organizations are uploading and sharing sensitive corporate data on third-party cloud based apps. IBM Cloud Security Enforcer, a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution hosted on IBM Cloud, provides a means to discover and regulate this "shadow IT" app usage and provide safe, secure access to approved cloud applications. IBM and Box have teamed up to offer enhanced security for Box cloud-based file sharing and storage services.

Cloud Discovery – With IBM Cloud Security Enforcer, admins can scan a network and find out which apps are being used by employees.IT staff can gain visibility into mobile and overall cloud usage within an organization.

Threat Intelligence and Prevention – Integrated deep threat analytics provided by X-Force, IBM's global threat intelligence network, helps protect against the latest threats, enabling IT staff to take preventative action to secure corporate networks.

Policy Enforcement – Access can be limited to approved cloud applications, with access controls to help protect against misuse. Admins can quickly spot and address cloud application usage violations.

Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) – Integrated IDaaS, combined with built-in application connectors, can simplify new cloud app onboarding. Approved applications can be quickly administered and made available to employees' existing corporate login information.

Cloud Event Correlation – Continuous monitoring of mobile device access can help quickly identify risky cloud behavior. Admins can spot and respond to alerts with cloud activity event correlation.