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IBM Launches New IDE For Data Scientists

By - Source: IBM

IBM's new Data Science Experience extends the work of IBM's Data Scientist Workbench, taking advantage of machine learning technologies and blending new data sources with existing architectures to provide a rich set of tools for data scientists.

IBM has announced a new integrated development environment (IDE) designed to empower data scientists to do more, offering easier access to large amounts of data while decreasing the total time of analysis. IBM Data Science Experience, available through IBM Cloud, takes advantage of machine learning technologies and blends new data sources with existing architectures.

By using the Data Science Experience IDE, data scientists can take advantage of a more rapid development experience with access to tools and utilities that break down language barriers. The IDE already supports open source tools from IBM and others including H20 Libraries, RStudio, Python and Notebooks in a single environment. 

Data Science Experience builds off of, and includes many capabilities of, IBM's Data Scientist Workbench, a free tool that brings many open source data tools together into a single environment. Some of the features in common are the ability to integrate and connect to multiple data sources, refining, and accessing big data engines.

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Contributions like these to the big data community are nothing new to IBM. The company made a $300 million investment in Apache Spark back in 2015. And since then, IBM has made contributions to Spark R and SystemML that increase the effectiveness and speed of Spark to the R community. With the release of Data Science Experience, IBM continues its partnerships with data science organizations such as Galvanize, H2O, LightBend, and RStudio. Furthering its investments bark, IBM has built it into the core and many of its analytics and commerce platforms, including IBM Analytics on Apache Spark, Watson Analytics and IBM Stream computing.

"With Apache Spark, we see an opportunity to drive significant innovation into the community to benefit data engineers, data scientists, and application developers," said Bob Picciano, Senior Vice President at IBM Analytics. "Our IBM Analytics platform is designed for blending those new technologies and solutions into existing architectures. It’s ready-made to take advantage of whatever innovations lie ahead as more and more data scientists around the globe create solutions based on Spark."

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